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Marinated in a delicate blend of spices and yoghurt, then grilled in the tandoori clay oven.

Tandoori Chicken ( 2 pieces Leg & Breast)

Half of spring chicken marinated in a special tandoori sauce and left to absorb overnight, grilled over flaming charcoal.

Chicken Shashlik

cubes of marinated boneless chicken skewered between pieces of onions, tomato and green pepper and grilled in the tandoori oven.

King Prawn Shashlik

Marinated jumbo prawns skewered between pieces of marinated onions, tomatoes and capsicum, then grilled over charcoal.

Mixed Grill

A container full of mouth watering meats. Pieces of chicken tikka, Tandoori chicken & sheek kebab, served with green salad and a choice of naan (Plain or Garlic)

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100% Nut Free

We are a 100% nut free restaurant, perhaps the only indian restaurant in the country.

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For delivery we require a minimum of a £15 order.

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If you suffer from an allergy that could endanger your health we strongly advise that you contact us before placing your order. Please go to the bottom of the page for our contact details.