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Tikka Massala

This dish holds the title of the nations favourite: it is cooked in a tomato based sauce with an array of mild spices - topped with fresh cream.


This dish is cooked in a thick creamy sauce, topped with a touch of cream - perfect for the mild palate.


Medium spiced with a nice blend of herbs and spices and plenty of sauce.


A fairly hot dish with lots of tasty gravy: this dish is cooked with a blend of herbs and spices and finished with a touch of lemon juice for a hot and sour flavour.


A hot favourite: this dish is cooked in a thick sauce with a mix of herbs and spices with potatoes and is very fiery.

Rogan Josh

A tomato based dish with a mix of finely selected spices and herbs, garlic, ginger and coriander.


Large strips of onions are caramelised for the base of this dish, with added capsicum and a clever blend of spices.


This dish is cooked in a medium strength thick sauce tomatoes and mixed spices, slow cooking process develops the thick texture of the sauce.


An immensely popular dish which packs a lot of flavour: fine spices are blended together along with chopped capsicum, onions and tomatoes to create a very tasty and flavoursome gravy, topped with fresh green chillies and coriander.




A slightly hot, highly spiced dish with a concoction of flavours giving a taste of hot, sweet & sour, cooked in a thick sauce.


Cooked in a mild and creamy sauce prepared with yoghurt.


Cooked in a medium to hot strength with lentils with the use of chillies, sugar and lemon juice to deliver a hot, sweet & sour flavour.


a very hot and spicy dish prepared with fresh hot chilli from Bangladesh called naga, reputed as one of the hottest chillies in the world - a very fragrant dish.


A wonderful dish cooked with fresh spinach and spices in a medium strength thick sauce.


Cooked in a rapid stir fry process in a large, deep, thick bottomed pan: a huge selection of spices and special herbs blended together to give this dish its unique taste - served in sizzling balti.

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