Why Le spice merchant ?

Why Le spice merchant ? 

Le spice merchant Wellingborough is the only restaurant in the area who serves the best healthy balanced diet meal for its customers.

We never use any pre cooked or frozen food service company items, never use any additives , never use any food colouring, never use any extra salt, never use MSG, no pre made items, never use any arrowroot, soya, no preservatives are ever used. 

You will never see any 3663, brake brothers or any other food service lorries delivering us with any of their stuff. 

We cook 100% ( with couple of exception ) meal on order. freshly cooked from our pan to your plate.

Cook in slow cooking process and reach the optimum temperature to make our curries a BALANCED MEAL for utmost satisfaction for our customers. Hardly use any deep frying method. 100% Nut free, gluten free choices, vegan, vegetarians, low calorie no carb options are available too. Which makes us unique.

When the whole Britain is grappling with how to tackle the bulging horizontal waistline it’s the eateries like our Le spice merchant serving the British nation with the best balanced meal is in itself a accolade of achievement all by itself.

Le spice merchant; the epitome of an Indian restaurant serving the best balanced diet for the British public.