Curry Story

Curry Story

Curry Story of UK 




Curry houses in the United Kingdom is the trademark signature traits of the sprawling Bangladeshi Bengali Community.

Curry houses in the UK encompasses the length and the breadth of the whole of the British Isles. From Land End to South End, from Fort William to Balham, from Bournemouth to Yarmouth, from Glasgow to Walthamstow - there is not a single city, town or village which is not enriched and glorified with the presence of a Bangladeshi Bengali owned curry house. 

‘’Chicken Tikka Masala’’ the best dish; a national dish of the British nation — what a mammoth accolade for an immigrant community who migrated to the UK after the WW2.

The Bengalis community owned eateries and food business ventures are an ideal example of community spirit de corps - one would be surprised to learn an inner secret of their success;   because by and large 75-80% of these thriving businesses are owned under an umbrella of cooperative ownership.

The Curry houses are one of the major fundraisers for charities and good causes. There is not a single week goes by when there is no fundraising taking place in those establishments.   It just goes to show what kind of involvement the business owners have in their respective communities.  Hundred of millions of pounds are raised over the years and it’s continuing.

In the mist of these obesity, slap up & fry up  meals climax that the British nation is facing at the moment  — the Curry business is the only  food business who have not fallen prey into the hands of these unhealthy practices  - Up and down the country all meals and dishes and curries served to the customers at any given time are  predominantly cooked on order from the scratch. These are cooked as per stringent quality control practices, healthy cooking methodology inherited from back home practised in their homeland for thousands of year, cooked with the right temperature and no MSG or Additives used at all and no indulgence of deep fryers. All of Which makes the Curry a unique cuisine of satisfaction.