About Le Spice Merchant - Indian Restaurant & Takeaway Wellingborough

Indian Cuisine

le spice merchant Wellingborough is a truly family run boutique restaurant, who  Prides herself on serving the most proper and finest of home cooking styled eclectic Indian cuisine. The cooking methodology of le spice merchant is very unique and we are one of the pioneers in the UK to opt for and evolve healty cooking practices; Introducing  Low Calorie and No carb dishes to our menu.

We serve all our dishes as it is served in any houses of an Indian  Sub Continental family's dinning room. 

The Chowdhury's always aspired to open a casual dinning restaurant with drawing room style arrangement to the decor and the food.
The ethos, aspirations & cultures are very unique, Which is amply reflected by our guests in their reviews and comments.
Come and discover what many food lovers already know.